A love story



”A tornado flew around my room before you came

Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn’t rain

In Southern California, much like Arizona

My eyes don’t shed tears, but boy, they bawl”.


I been, thinking, thinking, thinking about you. I was thinking about you before a tornado came in and swept me up my feets, before a tornado came in and destroyed my room, man it fucked me up real good.

You felt like home, like sugar on my toung, like my favorite song. But we loved eachother too childish and didn’t learn how to let go. Before I knew it I had already given you all of me without meauring up how much of you truly needed to be filled. I let your lips kiss my neck like the mountains kisses the sky, like a mother kisses her newborn child, like, like  death kisses my life.

At first you always made me smile, but later that year you kept me waiting a while. Remember when you kissed my thighs with a expire date and told me that this was nothing but a summer romance. After  that day you kept  me waiting for tree hours. You had the ability to turn my smile of a curve into a stright line again. I been thinking of you. Trying to earse our good times but it’s like removing a spoon from  a cup. Daem easy, but you know I like to stir things up.


And ” No, I don’t like you, I just thought you were cool

enough to kiss you. Got a flier I don’t want to fly out.”


My friends told me about you but I wanted to change my last name to dangerous. I wanted to feel the adrenaline in my veins. First I wanted to slow-dance with the tempations in your eyes. Then I wanted to hold hands with the fire on your toung. The thing is the flames were so intense that I got burned, still I didn’t learn. So when my friends tried to save me from you I turned over like a car accident,  too stubborn to let the doctor operate on my wounded body.


It’s because, I been thinking of you, know, you know.








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